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Broadband Speed Test
How's Your Broadband Connection Performing?
ISPGeeks is more than free broadband speed test, benchmark, tools and diagnostics site. We're the place where people come for accurate and friendly advice on all things involving broadband, bandwidth, cable modems, cable TV, DSL, FiOS, PC hardware, Wi-Fi and networking without the marketing bias or typical "I'm an expert because I touched a cablemodem once" troll spew.

Broadband speed test sites are not created equal. Most sites are incapable of testing today’s high speed connections accurately. ISPGeeks.com was created to address the needs of true high speed broadband connection users. We'll show you how to properly test your high speed connection and what the results really mean.
As a member you will enjoy expert level information from our reporting tools giving you an in depth analysis of your broadband connection that you can give to your ISP or technician (no other site offers this). We're confident that once you try them you'll agree ISPISPgeeks.com Sponsored by Ubiquity Hosting Solutionsgeeks does offer the most accurate and consistent VoIP, IPTV, TCP/IP, Broadband Speed Test, Benchmarks, Video and Bandwidth Diagnostics available. Think your favorite site is better? We'll be glad to demonstrate why it isn't.


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 Several site changes in the works at ISPgeeks.com 263 ispgeek 54168   04/07/2014 at 16:36 
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 Google Gigabit Speed Test Coming Soon 4 BroadBand 3806   04/01/2014 at 12:54 
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 Synology DS410 69 Zenophobe 15894   04/01/2014 at 00:05 
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 I would like 2 IP addresses I Think? 17 Rdunn 879   03/31/2014 at 22:43 
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 Upgraded to 30 mbps but now ping times are in the 100's+ 11 silver420surfer 703   03/31/2014 at 22:21 
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 ASUS RT-N66U Gigabit Router 9 Zenophobe 4643   03/27/2014 at 19:21 
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Broadband Speed Test, Broadband Benchmark, Bandwidth Test, Internet Speed Test, Connection Test, it doesn't matter what we call them, it's the end result and how you get there that matters. Whether you use Cable, DSL, ADSL, FiOS, T1 or Satellite as your delivery method, it's important to know the bandwidth, capacity, quality and operational status of your connection and it's just as important to get this information from a reliable source. Your results data is only as good as the provider of the results.

Regardless of your provider; Comcast, Roadrunner, Bright House, Verizon, Cox, Bellsouth, AT&T, Charter, Earthlink, Direcway or Skyblue, our broadband and internet speed test results and connection diagnostics will be reliable.  ISPgeeks.com staff have spent 3 years testing countless servers, datacenters, speed test and performance software, connection diagnostics and bandwidth analysis software. We've packaged the perfect suite of servers, tools and diagnostics to evaluate almost any connection issue. We constantly quality monitor every server to insure that consistent results are obtained regardless of your location within the America's and United Kingdom.

We proudly use the Visualware MCS Diagnostics Suite, the most respected in the industry on OUR servers. To interpret those results we have some of the best minds in the broadband and technology industry with over 25 years of experience.  At ISPgeeks.com, broadband, bandwidth and tech support isn't just a hobby, it's a passion.  If we can't get you answers for you, nobody can!

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are talking about changing from a monthly subscription model to a usage model, much in the way that analog public telephone service has changed over time. It is not surprising, therefore, that most Internet users encounter performance related service problems on a fairly regular basis and want to validate that their ISPs are delivering the contracted service performance.

As a result there are multitudes of broadband speed test websites to be found on the Internet. Some of these testing services are provided by the ISP, while many are provided by independent third parties. Naturally the key question is, “Is the broadband speed test accurate?” And if the broadband speed test results do not meet expectations, does the tester provide the data to resolve the unexpected results?

Unfortunately, all broadband speed test services are not created equal and the testing applications rarely define the method used to conduct the test. Without understanding the testing methodology, validating the results is a difficult or impossible task for the user, regardless of their skill level. The complaint most echoed around the Internet discussion groups is, “Why is this video download taking so long when my broadband speed test service shows I get my full 10Mbps?”

The problem is not the in the measurement, it's in understanding the test results as they relate to the application problem being experienced. Causing more frustration is that most sites don't take into consideration all aspects of current broadband technologies such as VoIP, IPTV, QoS and streaming video and audio. At ISPgeeks.com we take the guesswork out of all things broadband, not just broadband speed test.

So take the ISPGeeks.com speed test challenge. Compare our results against your current favorite broadband speed test regardless of the provider ( speakeasy, speedtest.net, dslreports tools, testmy.net, auditmypc, cnet speedtest, ip-adress.com, internetfrog ) for one week.  We guarantee our results will be more informative, consistent and accurate, each and every time!


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